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Geotechnical, Structural & Environmental Monitoring Solutions

We provide bespoke geotechnical, structural, and environmental monitoring solutions. In the UK. In the Nordics. In West Africa. Worldwide.

Monitoring the behaviour of the ground and structures is essential to ensure safety, verify design assumptions, and for quality control and optimisation of construction. Data obtained can be used to safeguard assets, people and the environment, and to improve and introduce efficiencies in design and construction methodology.

It's All About Right​

We believe in installing the right instrument, in the right place, at the right time, to obtain the right amount of meaningful and useful data. The correct data will allow you to make informed decisions about your project, and can be an early indication of impending failures or problems.


We innovate and lead the field, taking pride and striving for continual improvement in everything we do.

Our Partners

We value open and honest client relationships and enjoy valid, meaningful and lasting partnerships.

Project Management

We can manage your project, keeping it on-track and on-budget, from conception though to delivery.


Things go wrong, it's a fact of life. We can be on hand at short notice to investigate, advise, and repair, to get your project back on track.


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We Can Monitor...

Borehole Profiles
Buildings & Bridges
Environmental Parameters
Excavations & Retaining Walls
Heritage Buildings & Assets
Pile Load Tests
Slopes & Embankments
Utilities & Infrastructure

By Measuring...

Extension & Compression
Noise, Vibration & Dust
Settlement & Heave
Stress & Strain
Tilt & Deflection
Water Level


Crack & Joint Meters
Water Level Meters
Fibre Optics
Laser Convergence Meters
Liquid Levelling Cells
Load Cells
Monitoring Surveys
Microphones, Geophones & Dust Monitors
Shape Arrays
Strain Gauges
Tilt Meters

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