33 Grosvenor Place

33 Grosvenor Place

Client: Select

Main Contractor: Erith

Duration: January 2018 - June 2018

33 Grosvenor Place occupies a sensitive site within the City of Westminster. Originally built in the 1950’s , the challenge is now to transform the building into a private medical clinic. To achieve this, extensive modification of the building is required behind a retained façade. The core of the building will be entirely reconstructed to accommodate 200 beds and 8 operating theatres.

Erith were contracted to undertake the demolition of the core of the building and façade retention, and concurrent deepening of the existing basement. R L Geotechnical Ltd. were contracted by Select to supply and install a liquid levelling system to monitor settlement/heave of the façade. This would compliment the network of wireless tilt-meters installed by Select.

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