Joe Barrett, Technician

Joe Barrett


Joe was welcomed to the team in November 2019, joining as a technician to provide support on site. Joe has developed his skills on site through the installation of monitoring instrumentation, taking manual readings, assisting with monitoring surveys, and decomissioning of instrumentation. Joe is quick to learn and intends to hone his skills and gain valuable experience whilst working for the Company.

Jasper Malyon, Technician

Jasper Malyon


Jasper joined R L Geotechnical Ltd. in March 2019 initially to assist with the manufacturing of components in the workshop. Progressing quickly, Jasper now mainly operates on site, specialising in the installation, testing, and maintenance of monitoring systems, and assisting with manual monitoring surveys. Jasper’s adaptability and weasel hands are his strengths. He is keen and quick to learn and has started assisting with the assembly and programming of dataloggers in addition to his roles on site. 

Measurex Consulting Ltd.

Measurex Consulting Ltd.

Consultancy & On-Site Measurement Services

Measurex Consulting provides a variety of consultancy and on-site measurement services, primarily focused on instrumentation, monitoring support to contractors, engineering consultants and sensor manufacturers, worldwide.

Jon has worked on a number of major projects in the UK and overseas, including Crossrail, Victoria Station and King’s Cross Station Upgrade, Victoria Line, Central Line, and Piccadilly Line metro upgrades in London, Channel Tunnel Rail Link (HS1), West Coast Main Line, and projects in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Morocco, and the Falkland Islands.

As well as running Measurex, Jon keeps up to date with the latest in measurement technology and best practice, providing a cost-effective measurement, monitoring or imaging service, working with a network of associates.

See the Measurex website for further information:

Luke Lipscombe, Lead Technician

Luke Lipscombe

Lead Technician

Luke has been working for R L Geotechical Ltd. since late 2016. He started off assisting with the manufacture and calibration of instrumentation in the workshop, and has progressed to a supervisory role installing instrumentation on site. 

Luke’s experience and training mean he is equipped to install and read a wide range of monitoring instrumentation on any site, as well as providing maintenance and practical knowledge as a supervisor.

Michael Ryan, Monitoring Engineer

Michael Ryan

Monitoring Engineer

Mike started working for R L Geotechnical Ltd. in the summer of 2016 as a part-time placement student. He continued working for the Company in-between completing his MEng in Civil Engineering at the University of Exeter until graduating and in summer of 2019 when he returned to a full-time position. Mike is quick to learn and keen to progress his career in instrumentation and monitoring. 

Mike is tasked with a range of varied roles within the company. He is equally as comfortable completing paperwork and processing data in the office as he is installing instrumentation out on site.

Richard Lipscombe, Director

Richard Lipscombe

Director & Principal Consultant

Richard’s career in instrumentation and monitoring spans over ten years. He graduated from the University of Surrey with a BEng in Civil Engineering in 2013, and founded R L Geotechnical Ltd. in 2015. As well as working on a number of large construction projects in the UK, he has also worked in Scandinavia, the US, Africa, Asia, and Australia and specialises in training people in installation of instrumentation and monitoring best practice.

Richard splits his time between installing instrumentation and training staff on site, assembling dataloggers and developing and testing instrumentation and techniques in the workshop, and  looking after the day to day running of the company in the office.