Tarkwa Gold Mine, Ghana

Tarkwa Gold Mine, Ghana

Client: AD Resources (Ghana) Ltd.

Main Contractor: Gold Fields Ghana

Duration: December 2018

Upon recommendation by RST Instruments, R L Geotechnical Ltd. was contracted by AD Resources (Ghana) Ltd. to install 28no. vibrating wire piezometers at one of the Tailings Storage Facilities at the Tarkwa Gold Mine, operated by Gold Fields Ghana. 

The vibrating wire piezometers were installed into standpipes, with the drilling and installation of these completed by AD Resources Ltd. prior to the arrival of R L Geotechnical Ltd. Each VW piezometer had it’s own RSTAR DT2011B Node which transmitted data via the RSTAR radio link to one of the two FlexDAQ Hubs, one installed at either end of the tailings dam. Each DT2011B was housed neatly within a secondary enclosure with enough cable left to allow for the dam to be extended upward in the future. Due to the great distances between the DT2011B Nodes and the FlexDAQ Hubs, Yagi antennas were used at some of the locations. these were mounted neatly onto the DT2011B secondary enclosure or on a pole next to it to ensure good a good signal between the DT2011B Node and its corresponding FlexDAQ Hub.

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