Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT)

Thames Tideway Tunnel (TTT)

Client: Select

Main Contractor: Ferrovial Laing O'Rourke JV (FLO)

Duration: October 2017 - Present

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is an upgrade to London’s sewer system to enable it to cope with it’s growing population. Starting in Acton, west London, the 25km Thames Tideway Tunnel will travel through the heart of London, for the most part following the route of the River Thames, at depths of between 30 and 70 metres, using gravity to transfer waste eastwards to Abbey Mills Pumping Station. Here it will intercept with the already completed Lee Tunnel which leads to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works. The Tunnel will connect to 34 of the most polluting combined sewer overflows, which currently release raw sewage into the River Thames during periods of heavy rain. It will intercept, store and ultimately transfer sewage waste away from the River Thames.

Ferrovial Laing O’Rourke JV (FLO) is the main contractor constructing the 12.7km Central section of the Tunnel which runs from Carnwarth Road to Chambers Wharf.

R L Geotechnical Ltd. has been assisting Select with some of the monitoring works for the Central section.

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