What We Do


Datalogger Assembly & Programming
Brackets, Protective Covers, Fittings & Fixings
Custom Products
Grout Mixer/Pump Units
Installation Aids
Liquid Levelling Systems

Every project is unique and requires different data to be obtained from a different combination of instruments at a different frequency. Power supply and the method of data transfer will also vary from job to job. We are able to design, assemble, and program dataloggers to suit any combination of instrument required.

As each application is unique, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We produce our own range of mounting brackets and protective covers for sensors. Developed in house from our on-site experience.

These include:

      • High quality aluminium beams with stainless steel ends for mounting tilt-sensors – available in 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m lengths with fixings holes for any tilt-sensor you may choose.
      • Strong and secure vandal proof protective covers for tilt-meters, crack-meters, and surface-mount strain gauges – all supplied with security fixings.
      • Total station brackets, for both long-term and temporary installation with vandal/theft proof lockable covers if required.

We’re on hand to advise on the best mounting methodology for all types of sensors and can supply the correct fittings and fixings if required. We keep a stock of popular items for same day despatch in most instances.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We can manufacture and develop one-off and custom products to your designs – anything from a hand-sketch to a full CAD design.

We will work with you from the initial stages, combining our experience to provide you with a finished product that we are both proud of. 

No project is too big or small. We have built everything from small fixing plates to a fully kitted out 40ft container workshop.

Please contact us to discuss what you have in mind.

We have developed our own grout mixer/pump unit, designed specifically for mixing cement : bentonite grout for backfill of boreholes.

The unit is simple, compact, and adaptable to meet the demands of site work. 

More information can be found here.

We’ve developed our own range of products to make installations faster, easier, and safer. These include:

      • The SAA rolling reel
      • Inclinometer and SAA casing weights
      • Inclinometer and SAA casing clamps
      • In-place-inclinometer suspension systems
      • In-place-inclinometer forks
      • Cable reels

Check them all out here.

Through research, development, and experience, we have developed the RLGEO-Level. The RLGEO-Level is a liquid levelling system designed to accurately measure settlement and heave.

      • It is available in both analogue and digital versions, and can easily be read by a number of different datalogging systems.
      • It is discreet and has been designed to allow installation into small spaces allowing it to be installed above false ceilings, and into floor voids of commercial properties, or onto the exterior of buildings with minimal visual impact.
      • It uses a non-toxic fluid which is less susceptible to algae growth, and therefore requires less frequent maintenance.
      • It has a greater operating temperature range than rival systems, with accurate temperature corrections.

Check it out here.


Borehole Surveys
Consultancy & Design
Grout Mixer/Pump Rental
Sub-Contract Skilled Labour
Technical Support

Borehole Camera Surveys

We can undertake high definition camera surveys of boreholes, enabling you to see your borehole casing, geology, and aquifer in real time. Our state of the art borehole camera system comprises of a 50mm diameter dual head camera (one 360 degree rotation side view camera, one downhole panoramic camera) with adjustable lighting. Waterproof to 200bar and with an electric winch and on-screen depth counter, we can survey boreholes from 75mm diameter to 305mm diameter to depths of up to 300m. We will provide you with a full-colour recording on a USB, allowing you to review the results of the survey at your desk.

Borehole Profile Surveys

We can measure the profile of both cased and uncased boreholes, giving you the position of the borehole in three dimensions. Watch this space.

We can assist with the design of monitoring schemes to ensure that the right instrument is in the right place to obtain meaningful and useful data. We can also assist with the preparation of specifications and  tender documents.

We can assist with the preparation of plans, pre-start documentation such as risk assessments and method statements, and engineering reports. We can also assist with the creation of installation manuals, inspection and test plans, monitoring specifications, and tender documents.

We can provide an installation service for all types of instrumentation anywhere in the world. We can also source and supply bespoke products if required. All of our team are professional and well trained, and with our growing inventory of tools, plant, and specialist equipment we are able to offer a first class service.

We can either work with you to assist with the installation, or take care of everything ourselves.

We have developed our own grout mixer/pump unit, designed specifically for mixing cement : bentonite grout for backfill of boreholes.

The unit is simple, compact, and adaptable to meet the demands of site work. 

More information can be found here.

We can provide specialist engineers and technicians worldwide on a short or long-term basis to assist you with your projects.

All of our staff are professional, well-trained, and passionate about what they do.

We can provide both on-site and remote technical support.

We often provide technical support on behalf of several instrumentation manufacturers.

We can train your staff on:

      •  the installation of all types of geotechnical and structural instrumentation;
      • taking accurate and repeatable readings;
      • troubleshooting and system maintenance;
      • processing and interpretation of the data obtained.

Either at a location of your choosing or at our offices in Liss.